Wifi connection issue

On nicla, I’ve a Wifi connection issue on Wifi SSID from netgear AX access point (2.4 GHz bandwith) .

I test with other access point and I’s OK

  • connection form android phone
  • Raspberry AP
  • Xiaomi AC Access point

But with this netgear AX accesspoint, Nicla can’t connect.
SSID is visible with WLAN.scan() call.

I try to change Password, cyber configuration, wifi configuration but nicla can’t connect to this AP.
I don’t have any error message on python script

Have you ever got this issue ?


Uh, that’s pretty hard for to debug and fix… I use the EERO 6 Pro at home and don’t have any issues.

Yeah, it’s probably some type of bug. Question, we don’t use WiFi 6. Is the router supporting non-wifi 6 connections? (I assume it is, but, maybe it isn’t).

OK thanks,

network status stay to value 2 (I think STAT_CONNECTING)
How to analyse this state in firmware ?

This is one of those things that’s on the super expert level to debug.

Sorry, I don’t have a satisfying answer for you here.

If you’d like, please file a bug for this: Issues · openmv/openmv · GitHub

However, it’s probably not going to get fixed for a long time.

After investigation, DHCP server was disable on AP…
So Nicla firmware stay in Connection status “2”.

If I set ifconfig, It was OK.

So, an error of me but some log or notice about network stack state will be good.

thanks :slight_smile: