Programming Nicla Vision over Wifi


I’m building a swarm robotics project that uses an Arduino Nicla Vision in each swarm robot. Since I am producing many robots we want to be able to program them without having to plug each one in by USB every time we need to debug or update something in the code. Is there anyway we can use the the Wifi Debug capability with the Nicla? I tried following the tutorial ( but when I reset the camera, my IDE does not show that there is a camera waiting to connect with the little wifi symbol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi, it’s a todo list item to do this. You could write the code to do it in Python actually and implement it as a script. It’s just the debug protocol in the IDE but over sockets and then there’s a beacon broadcast you have to do.

I don’t have an ETA for getting this done sooner. I have to focus on more critical company activities. If you’d like to do the work I can guide you on what code you need to translate into sockets.

Yes, please let me know what I can try out on my end to get this working, thanks!

Hi, here’s what the camera is doing. If you need help understanding the C code send it to ChatGPT:

openmv/src/omv/ports/stm32/wifidbg.c at master · openmv/openmv (

I’d start first with doing the broadcast of beacon. If you have that working the IDE will show a little wifi symbol on connect.

Then once you have that working you need to create a TCP server that the IDE can connect to. When it does you will follow how the C code is receiving packets and then pass them to code similar to here:

openmv/src/omv/common/usbdbg.c at master · openmv/openmv (

Looking at this more, it’s kinda a lot of work to actually make this into a python module. If you want to try go ahead. Note, I cannot provide anymore help support than this right now.

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