why fireware 2.6 change to 2.5 after I update fireware online

I just bought a openmv 3 camera. After I upgrade fireware online, the fireware 2.6.0 became 2.5.0. I want to upgrade again, and I have downloaded a fireware(2.6.0) file. I want to make use of this file to upgrade by OpenMV IDE and how to do it. I upgrade offline without wire, can’t do it.

Hi, we will release firmware 2.6 officially this weekend.


Where can I download it? I can not find new releaset in GitHub. Thanks

I’ve just finished compiling the latest ide binaries with this new firmware. Everything will be released this week.

Does everything mean a new IDE release in conjunction with the 2.6 firmware (released on Dec 4)?

Yeah, the firmware was released earlier but the next IDE will package the v2.6 firmware.

Will the new version of the IDE be released this week?

Yes, I was almost there over the weekend d but discovered an issue with the text highlighter parsing help files. I’ve fixed most of the problems but need to verify I got everything. I’m finished the process of fixing compile errors on all platforms though so I should be able to quickly get it done and release during the weekend.