What are the all supported resolutions?

Hello all,

About OpenMV CAM H7,

Before ordering, I need to know that which resolution modes are available?

Are there resolutions in the driver that I can use as 250x250 or something like that?

I’ll use it for computer vision and even lowering resolution from 320x240 to 320x180 (total, nineteen thousand two hundred more pixels),
affects real-time processing in my program. My current usb webcam supports 320x180 and I’m happy with it.

And also hearing about if the camera cuts the frame on some resolutions or not, would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot!

These are all the built-in standard resolutions:


And you can also set a custom window:


Thanks a lot! That’s awesome. I didn’t see that information, my bad.

I’m reading your answer and I have a question:
Is it possible reduce the resolution and increase the frame rate proportionality? There are some limit or minimum resolution.
For example could I set_windowing(1024, 1) (with OV2640 sensor) and get very high frame rates?
I’m asking it because we could transform the cmos sensor (usually cheap) in a line sensor (much more expensive).
Thank you for your help!

No, the OV is 640x480 sensor and there’s a maximum framerate (I think ~120FPS) and then there’s a maximum to the FPS the camera can read and process.

The global shutter sensor has this ability. The frame rate on it increases as the resolution decreases.

You’ll need to edit the firmware to make the custom res you want. But, otherwise, it will most in frame rate by a huge amount if you set the vertical resolution to one pixel.