I basically have 3 Questions.
1-Is the snapshot taken by is pre-compressed in JPEG?
2-Can image processing be done with resolution greater than or equal to 640x480 (VGA) resolution ?
3-Is there a code available for taking snapshot greater than or equal to 640x480 (VGA)?

When a picture is captured it’s saved as either an RGB565 image or grayscale 8-bitsnper pixel.

Jpeg compression is then done to save the image or transfer it to the IDE.

Because of RAM limits we cannot deal with resolutions greater than 320x240. However, while this is a low resolution it is perfectly fine for simple applications.

On our next generation of OpenMV Cams we will support up to 640x480 grayscale. We’ll be taking preorders for the next gen this month once we have the website ready.

What’s your goal in particular? Unless you explicitly need a lot of detail for image processing it’s not actually that much more useful to have a higher resolution as it requires much more power to process. If your trying to take pictures then I understand why you need a higher res.

I need to do Image subtraction to detect objects within 50 meters range atleast. For my application time is not important it can take as much time as it wants. but the results should be clearer.

Ah, we have a telephoto lens that gives 4X zoom. Then you can put the system into VGA mode and crop the image to 320x240 for an additional 2X zoom. Did you see this picture here: Telephoto Lens | OpenMV? That’s just with 4x zoom.

If you need a higher zoom you can also use other M12 lenses like this: 9.0-22mm, F1.6 M12 Mount, DC Iris CCTV Lens. And you can control the zoom from the cam.

Oh Thanks! I think so Telephoto Lens will be good enough for my application. How can I just simply capture pictures in VGA mode?

Please see the eye tracking script for how to do the digital 2x zoom. We don’t support higher than 320x240 with the current board.

OK Thanks for the help.