Defining custom frame size

This link (file:///C:/Users/cenevz1/AppData/Roaming/OpenMV/qtcreator/html/library/omv.sensor.html?highlight=sensor%20set_framesize) explains how one can set the frame size of the sensor. FYI: I use h7.
I would like to ask is there any way how to define the frame size of 640 x1 or 480 x1? Evidently I want to make a line camera out of the OpenMV H7.

Looking forward to your answers folks.


Use sensor.set_windowing((640, 1))

after setting the camera to vga.

Note, this only works for grayscale.

Thanks Nyamekye. Any hint how to improve the frame rate? At the moment the window is 640x10 since the 640x1 and 640x5 yielded an error.

And the framerate is ~15.

Hi, VGA mode should get you around 30 FPS. What firmware version are you on? Note, you will not be able to go above 30 FPS with VGA generally. Typically lower than that.