Warning with mjpeg module after examples update


I have a script that uses the mjpeg module, that did not create any issues so far.

I just let the IDE update to the latest examples, etc. (just these, I already hat the latest version of the IDE itself).
Now, whenever I try to load my script I get a message from the IDE: “Module “mjpeg” may be required to run your script. Would you like OpenMV IDE to copy it to your OpenMV Cam”

When pressing “Yes” it copies the mjpeg.py example script to the SD card. It still runs my script correctly though (I guess the IDE runs it from RAM). When pressing “No” everything works as intended.

Am I supposed to things differently after the latest update or is this a bug?


The latest update to resources isn’t parsed by the IDE. I have to release a new IDE.

I just pulled back the latest update.

If you want to revert the update delete the resource files in your .config/OpenMV IDE on mac/linux and AppData/Romain/OpenMV IDE on windows.