Saving MJPEG Video Record file to SD Card

I loaded " "example in OpenMV IDE and executed.
“m = mjpeg.Mjpeg(“example.mjpeg”)” This means “example.mjpeg” is created in current directory of OpenMV H7 Plus module SD Card.
When I connect OpenMV Module drive E: is created.
So, after executing, I searched drive E: but I can’t find “example.mjpeg”.
After disconnecting OpenMV module from my PC, and reconnect OpenMV module to PC then I can find “example.mjpeg” file from E: drive. Another word, after power off and on I can find “example.mjpeg” file from drive E:.
I don’t know what is the problem.

Hi, I’m not sure I follow what is the problem? You can’t see files the camera creates on a disk until after the disk is remounted because the PC will only scan the drive on mount. The OS makes the assumption that flash drives can’t create files themselves.