VL53L1X distance sensor - file not found


I have successfully tested the distance sensor(VL53L1X breakout board) when there was no SD card. After the SD is installed, distance_sensor gave error (see the attached image) e:\vl53l1x file does not exist. I copied the file as main still gave the same error. The same is repeating even with SD is removed. Please help.

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You need to add a vl53l1x.py file to the sd card…

Thank you for the quick reply. I did exactly what you have suggested before posting but did not work. In hindsight, that was because of my mistake in sensor connections. Also, I have VL6180X. Is this currently supported?

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We do not have a driver for that. But, if you look at our vl53 source code it should not be hard to make the driver for that one.