code which supports vl53L0X?

Is there a library/code which supports vl53L0X ToF sensor?


Open this example Examples->30-Distance-Shield-> and from Tool->Save open script… It will copy the script and library to the camera.

Despite the title of this thread (referencing VL53L0), iabdalkader has posted a link to code that seems to support ST’s VL53L1X time-of-flight ranging chip.

I have been working with the VL53L1X and ST’s drivers: VL53L1X - Time-of-Flight ranging sensor based on ST's FlightSense technology - STMicroelectronics

The device (and the VL53L3) is working for me on Nucleo development systems. I would be interested in adding one of these chips to the OpenMV hardware. Someone seems to have made a shield: Nvarcher TOF Laser Ranging Time Of Flight Sensor VL53L1X Module For OpenMV 4 H7|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

However the python script provides a very limited API compared to ST’s API.

Can you give pointers to how the VL53L1X is implemented on the OpenMV at present (e.g. Github URL), and what might be required to make available ST’s full API? Also: how to add support for the VL53L3, whose features and API is different.

Just edit it and put it on your uPy disk. It will then replace the built-in lib.