How can I use VL53L5CX on OpenMV4Plus

I saw the updata logs of OpenMV, said that VL53L5CX is supported. By read the source code, I found that it is only supported on OpenMV4Pro. I added ‘MICROPY_PY_TOF = 1 ‘,’#define #define OMV_ENABLE_TOF_VL53L5CX (1)’ in OpenMV4Plus boardcofing file. Does this open up its support? Is its examples can be offer?

I have solved it.This sensor is so cool.But the driver in OpenMV do not have enough funtion.Like switch to 4*4 mode.Expect it to get better.

It will need to be on a board before we really work harder on the driver. It’s challenging to just include the sensor as it’s $7 by itself which is more expensive than the camera IC.