Using binary function problem

Hi everyone, I ran example code and got this problem:

But 2 weeks ago, I made my binary example code, the output was:

But, other functions was worked normally.
I only got strange outputs.
How can I fix this problem? Is my OpenMV CAM broken?

Thanks for all replies,

Please post code to show the error. I just ran the example and it works fine.

Hi, Mr.kwagyeman. Here’s my video for example code on YouTube:

I just ran the example too, but output was very strange.

Will test on the M7.

Hi, this is an issue with the M7 JPEG compression. The actual frame buffer is fine. But, when being jpeg compressed there seems to be an error.

It will be fixed.

Hello Mr.kwagyeman. Thanks for reply.
I’m glad this problem is not a hardware problem.
Hope problem will be fix shortly, then I can use this awesome cam to finish my thesis project.
Best regards,

Attached is a fixed binary for the M7.

Attached is a fixed binary for the M7. (1.15 MB)