Strange noisy lines on QQQVGA images

Hi guys,

I’ve found that there appear strange noisy lines if I take images using frame sizes of QQQVGA and QQQQVGA.

They are located at the bottom of the images, and the numbers are different for each resolution. (4 for QQQVGA and 7~8 for QQQQVGA)

This can be clearly seen with GRAYSCALE instead of RGB565.

Currently, I’m working with OpenMV M7 and I’ve upgraded the firmware with the latest version.

Can anybody help me with this?

That’s due to an issue with the JPEG compression algorithm, this is a bug in the firmware I’ve been ignoring. It’s due to use padding the JPEG image with zeros versus extending the pixels indefinitely from the edge when the image is not a multiple of 8. Um, yeah, let’s get this fixed now. Make the image a multiple of 8 pixels in the mean time to fix.

Thanks a lot for your quick and kind reply. :slight_smile:

Make a bug on github for this.