Updating IDE to 2.5.0 on Win 10

Issues with install, having deleted previous folder, I got the following errors and a failed install
Error during installation process (org.qtproject.qtcreator.application): occurred at 66%
then "Cannot create link “\intersurgical.local\Public\Groups.…Windows10\Desktop\OpenMVIDE.link”: The operation completed successfully.

It may be an internal security issue though and not an error with the installer

Hi, you should have run the uninstaller for the previous IDE and then installed the new one.

Try to execute the add remove programs uninstaller.

Hi OpenMVIDE doesn’t appear in the list of Apps & features, in Setting/Apps

Hi, I’ve just downloaded 2.5.0 again and tried to install into another directory, same error as before at 66%. I’ll get our IT person to try the install with admin rights tomorrw
Thanks, Dave