Unable to use Camera in Visual Studio C++


I was working on a project in which I have to use the camera to track real-time image. I have the complete code done in C++ in Visual Studio, which works with all generic webcams, but when I tried to plug in this camera, the program git executed but it gave an error as unable to access cam.
PS: I am using OpenCV for detection (video capture).

The OpenMV Cam is not web cam. You write python code which it can execute onboard and do computer vision for you without a PC.

So by any chance, if I am able to write a code for object detection in openMV, can I use that data parallelly in my Visual Studio C++ code??
Also, can you tell me how fast is this camera because python is slower than C++?? So will be the approximate the latency for this camera??

It does all it’s calculations in C. Python is just a wrapper interface around C code to make programming easy.

If you hand coded your algorithm with direct pixel access and it’s mostly c (not c++) you can port your code to the camera using by recompiling our firmware. This is somewhat advanced though.