Unable to See Differences in Image Quality

For the OpenMV H7 Plus, I don’t notice any differences in quality when I set the framesize to SXGA, UXGA, FHD, QHD, QXGA, WQXGA, and WQXGA2. I don’t notice any changes in sharpness of the image. The lens are definitely in focus, and I’ve tried different lens at with various field of view as well as different lighting and environment conditions. There is no discernible difference in the resulting images. However, when I search online for image comparisons, I do notice differences visually. The differences are clearer in the Youtube video as the screenshot shrunk on upload.

Link: Gaia CCTV: What do megapixels mean to your CCTV system? Resolutions 1MP-8MP compared. - YouTube

Should I be seeing noticeable differences at the higher resolutions? If not, what is the advantage of using the higher resolutions?

It’s just more pixels. Because… some people think the number of pixels means quality. So, we have to offer a ton of pixels. They are pretty useless for image processing. They just make things run slower.

Higher resolution is good for one thing… being able to zoom in on smaller detail. Otherwise, it just forces the processor to do ever more increasing work. If you don’t need to have really fine detail tracking it’s a net negative on everything.