OpenMV H7 Plus Image is Blurry

I want to capture high resolution images using the OpeMV H7 Plus. I’m running the example with framesize WQXGA2. However, the image is blurry and does not look like it has a resolution of 2592x1944. The camera lens have been wiped and the lens are focussed. The product page indicates that “The OpenMV Cam H7 Plus comes with a OV5640 image sensor capable of taking 2592x1944 (5MP) images.” How do I take these 5MP images at high quality?

Hi, if everything is still in the image it should not be blurry.

The STM32 doesn’t have enough horse power to JPEG compress the image at a fast frame rate which means that you just see a subsample of the images when there’s movement. If there’s no movement then the image should be sharp.

… but, we are running the camera PCLK at 1/2 the maximum rate in RGB565 mode. Please set the pixformat to GRAYSCALE or JPEG (which is in color). This runs the camera at the maximum pixel clock. Images should not be blurry then, but, images will still be subsampled as the STM32 can’t handle the full rate of images and transfer them over USB. So, please avoid motion.

You can also raise or lower the exposure with sensor.set_auto_exposure() to control the exposure time. The exposure settings are tuned for VGA mode and may be too long for the higher resolutions.