UART.IRQ Method No Attribute RX_ANY

I tried using the micropython method for implementing uart interrupt handler
class UART – duplex serial communication bus — MicroPython 1.17 documentation
and am getting AttributeError UART object has no attribute ‘RX_ANY’.

uart3_baud = 1024000
uart3 = pyb.UART(3, uart3_baud, timeout_char=10)

def uart3IrqHandler(obj):
    print("Type: ", type(obj))

uart3IRQ = uart3.irq(trigger = UART.RX_ANY, priority = 1, handler = uart3IrqHandler)

Is there an uart interrupt handler method for OpenMV?

I’ve never used the IRQ method. That’s a new feature. I’d check the source code:

That’s only available on WiPy platform.

So there is no available interrupt from uart on openmv board?

You have to use the select method: