The fastest way to get images from a camera without a built-in compressor

Hi, I WANT to use openmv h7 plus MT9V034 global shutter camera as the source of real-time images to supply OPENCV;
I’ve already programmed the camera with the right parameters to get more than 200fps at 64x64 pixels…(120fps in IDE).

Now I would like to ask you to help me find a better way to get results (which is better RPC or RSTP? RPC in UART mode?)
RSTP ask for compression (mt9v034 hasn’t) and OPENCV has receiving library but I do not know what is an issue with compression and with a high frame rate,
RPC transfer buffer but I can not figure how how to get them in OPENCV.
Any suggestion?

There’s a streaming mode demo with our library using jpeg compression that you can modify. This will give you the best bandwidth.

You can transfer the image as a raw grayscale byte array and then send that to OpenCV.