Stepper motor connection

For stepper motor, is it correct to connect the two coils on A0 A1, B0 B1 port on the motor shield? Also, the motor shield board says needs a power supply between 6-12V. But the product page says 5V power is enough. I only have 5V power source.

The motor shield requires a 6V or higher supply because it has to down regulate. If you connect 5V it will likely work… but, the regulator on board won’t be doing anything. Should be fine however.

Thank you for such quick response. I tried to follow the link that you responded previously about another post regards to wiring up the stepper motor. But I’m still not really sure whats the proper way to connect the stepper motor to openmv motor shield.

the class Stepper() file mentioned P0,P1,P2,P3. So should I connect the first coil to P0&P1, second coil to P2&P3 on the left side of the motor shield?

I guess. That’s a user contributed library. The source code for it is here: