Motor Shield Usage

Hello, I need to use the OpenMV to control the driving of my robot using stepper motors with bidirectional control. I see that there is a motor shield that I can get to use with the OpenMV H7 Cam - How would I use that with two stepper motors? And is it possible to run four stepper motors off of it?

Hi, the motor shield can control 1 stepper motor. There’s an example script that shows this.

If you need more please use the I2C/SPI bus onboard to control a stepper motor driver.

How would I use I2C/SPI?

Also, thank you for such a quick reply

Please read the API for how to make SPI work.

How would I use that driver for two motors? it looks like only one motor can connect to it

I don’t know. Please research how to make this work. I cannot be project help support for you.

The camera has a SPI/I2C bus. So, you can hookup any SPI/I2C bus motor driver. You can hookup 2 SPI motor drivers using two chip select pins.

Okay, that makes sense,