Repurposing Motor Shield


Can I use the Motor Shield as an LED driver?

Logic behind the idea:

Currently I’m using an external led driver (well actually just a bench power supply :laughing: ) with a mosfet to act as a strobe. This is great for testing but good luck strapping a bench power supply to a commercial product. While doing my daily browsing of the OpenMV website for possible ideas, I stumbled across the the Motor Shield. Looking at the data sheet:

  • Output Voltage 15v O1,O2 pins

  • Output current 3.2A 10 ms Single pulse

  • Switching frequency 100kHz

Being that my LED is 12v 1A, this seems to falls directly in line with my power requirements.

Am I missing anything here?

Yep, you can.

Perfect, and props for the super fast response time. You guys are great!