Start and stop streaming

Is there a way to start and stop streaming (or recording) video while using the RPC library? I’ve tried but can’t figure out how to.

The client controls that. If they send a stop command you will get the callback for stop. You don’t control this on the camera side.

I want to control that on the client side, I want my pc to send a command to start streaming and a command to stop streaming to the camera

Yeah, that’s part of the protocol. If you add a print message to the callbacks on the camera side you’ll see that start and stop are called before the video streams.

As for making a client side rtsp video client. I guess you can search for desktop code for that. I had to write the rtsp server code from Python more or less from scratch given the spec however as there aren’t a lot of libraries ready to use out there.

I want to do the same…
Starting at a specific time (with a command) and stopping…
I guess, the answer is in this thread above, however, I do not understand how to send a stop (or start) signal to this stream?

Hi, there’s a bunch of callbacks that are implemented for RTSP:

These are executed by the remote client. Note that the URL the client uses is passed in these callbacks. That URL can be anything. For example, you could pass arguments in the URL like websites do for forms. Then you can process those arguments on the camera to decide the functionality of what you return for the streamed data.

The client could send an ip-address/port in the arguments and then you could open a separate socket and send data using that.

Since the stream method takes a callback that will be regularly called you could send the extra socket data there.

Hello sir,
Is it possible to allow the board stream globally using any third party server like wowza. If so, what commands to use to push the local stream to third party server.

Hi, that’s up to you to write the socket code to connect to a server and send it the video stream.