How to watch video streaming

I am trying to streaming video with the wifi shield and the “” program example.
The program apparently runs on the OpenMV. Its output is:

Running in Station mode…
IP Address: Port

But I can’t get to watch the video. I have tried with VLC and with Chrome browser on a PC in the same network.
What can be wrong?

NOTE: I have already updated the firmware using the “” example.
Thanks in advance.

Are you using the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus with an OV5640? And did you point the RTSP URL in VLC to rtsp:// ?

It should just work.

I got to watch the streaming using another wifi. With a low resolution (QVGA) the framerate is enough.
Now I have an issue:
I need to run a vision program and at the same time streaming what the camera is seeing.
The vision program requires the setting of pixformat as RGB565 and the streaming program as JPEG.
I don’t get to make any of them working with the other setting.
Is there a solution to this?

Just do .compress() on the image to send it.

Hello again,
What I need is to execute a vision program to measure an object and, at the same time, streaming the video.
Both functions work separately, but I cant get them to work simultaneously.
If I do somenthing like:


(vision program)

The loop does not execute.
I understand that the stream does not return, and blocks the program. The function is also blocking if inserted into the loop.
I considered creating a thread, but I understand that it is not possible in OpenCam.
What should I do?
Thanks in advance

Hi, you just want to do the processing in the image_callback. Assuming someone connects to the stream then you process data while they are connected. The second they disconnect you stop processing data.

Also, this just got added:

You can modify the RSTP streaming code to use the uasyncio to run multiple co-routines at once.

I put the vision code in the callback function as you told me and it works.
Now I have another issue to solve:
As I need to use RGB565 pixformat to do the vision algorithm, at the end I compress the image to send it by streaming, but the streaming is intermittent, not good.
If I , at the end of the callback function, switch to JPEG pixformat and take a snapshot to send the streaming, the streaming is good. But then I can’t draw on the image to show the result of the vision algorithm…
Is there any solution to this?
Thak you for your patience…

Yes, can you give me a month? I have two updates to the firmware that should fix your issue.

  1. We will be adding triple buffering to the firmware. This will double your FPS.

  2. I will be updating the JPEG code to include the missing JPEG JIFF header along with making jpeg compression faster.

These two fixes should make the whole streaming perfect.

Ok thanks!
I wait for your update.