Sending data captured in OpenMV via Modbus TCP

Hi, I want to capture data with OpenMV while using MicroPyhton and send it as a Master via Modbus TPC to a Slave. I am using a Portenta H7. Is there any module or example I can use offered by OpenMV or how could I proceed to establish this connection. Yet, I couldnt find any documentation regarding a TCP connection with microphyton using an arduino. Thank you for you help in advance! : )

Hi, a google search yielded: GitHub - brainelectronics/micropython-modbus: MicroPython Modbus RTU Slave/Master and TCP Server/Slave library

According to this post, rshell doesn’t work with open mv, which made me think that’s not the right solution
I guess ill try this anyway, thanks!

Hi, if you want to put the library on the board you just copy it to the disk… you don’t need to use rshell tooling.

This library is not meant for an Arduino :confused:

Hi, you wanted a library that does Modbus TCP. The library provides that for MicroPython on the OpenMV Cam.

I don’t have any information about what that would be on the Arduino.

Maybe this forum post will help: Arduino Modbus TCP Slave (server): IDE example - #3 by fleaplc - Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum