Raspberry pi 4 B + OpenMV

I bought an OpenMV H7 camera to get some relieve for my Raspberry pi 4 B’s CPU. I installed OpenMV IDE to my Raspberry and the basic micropython code is working fine. OpenMV IDE rerieves video from the camera without any MicroPython.
Nevertheless, I would like to share the video to my main computer via the SPI interface and then via WiFi hotspot in raspberry. All your RPC examples like streaming or data transfer require omv library and this is where I hit the wall and I can’t move forward. I didn’t succeed to install your MicroPython in Raspberrian and therefore I can’t use your libraries.

Do you have any advice for me?

Hi, we don’t have SPI or I2C working for the Linux SBCs yet. It’s not hard to implement. I just didn’t have tome to do it. Maybe another can help.

Hi everyone, can someone help with this issue?

Use the UART. We have support for that. Or just use USB.