SD card Usage problem

Dear sir,)

  1. I have used an 8 GB memory in my M4 board and load the file in it but while running the Example program it says memory error(out of normal python heap memory and asks to change the resolution of the image .I do so but that dose not help and same error is shown again. Please help me how to use sd card to run the .network files that are bigger than 50 kb as the file works properly and not the .network file that are bigger than that .

  2. plese provide the steps to use tensorflow examples as the are showing OS errors in mobilenet_search examples( 1 and 2).

There’s not enough memory to run either on the M4.

Mobilenet doesn’t run on any cameras we have out right now. It will run the H7 Plus model we plan to release. The person detection runs on the H7 and M7.