OSEror: Could not find the file and than Memory eror

I am a new about the openMV.
And I have a OPENMV3 OV7725-M7 version.
I want to try nn_cifar10_3 example, when I run the code than I got the “OSEror: Could not find the file” message and I took SD disk, and copy to cifar10.network file from the github link. And Then I got the this Memory Eror:

MemoryError: Out of normal MicroPython Heap Memory! Please reduce the resolution of the image you are running this algorithm on to bypass this issue!

How can I solve this ?

You can only run the fast CIFAR 10 net on the M7 camera. Other nets are too big. Um, generally none of the nets we made fit on the M7. That’s what the H7 is for. The M7 can only deal with nets that are like less than 24KB or so. Sorry this feature isn’t useful yet.