RoboCup Resue Mission

So I am competing in the RoboCup competition this year and I am using an OpenMV camera to detect the balls that need to be scooped into my robot’s basket. I am very new to OpenMV and the issue I’m having is that when I set my threshold to black, the camera instead sees almost everything it sees as black. Is there anything I can do to avoid this? I have sphere detection code but there’s a silver ball and a black ball so I need to be able to differentiate between the two without reading random incorrect info other than the two balls.

Hi, did you use the threshold editor under Tool->Machine Vision in OpenMV IDE to pick your color thresholds? You can’t really pick them by hand. Also, spending on the lighting they will change.

Yes, I played around with the threshold values and resulted with (1, 100, -128, 127, -128, 127)
Still, it sees everything as black and is unable to differentiate a ball from whatever is around it.

That’s literally the thresholds to select everything. You’d just get a solid image with those thresholds.

Then how can I get an appropriate threshold to accurately detect a black ball?

Use the Threshold Editor in the IDE as mentioned previously?