Resolution of readout window

Hi, I’ve just watched this video, I have some questions about it.

  1. The video sets the searching res with sensor.QVGA and the tracking res with sensor.QQVGA, is resolution and frame size actually the same? I checked the readout window with sensor.w & sensor.h, the readout window will change in 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240, so is the resolution of 1280x960 sensor.QQVGA?
  2. About this video, can I get the depth by Tz to calculate actual distance? If not, any suggestions?

Yes resolution and frame size are the same, and I don’t understand the rest of your question.

You can get the depth of the tag, depends on the sensor and lens though. Please see the comments in example.

Thanks for replying, I copied the code and I got the readout window size, my question is, I have already set the resolution for the readout window, but in the code it also calculate the readout window size, has the resolution changed or it remained what I set?

readout window size (1280, 960)

readout window size (640, 480)

The resolution changes every time set_framesize is called. Changing the readout window does Not change the resolution/framesize it just crops the pixel array for faster reading (you’ll notice the image gets cropped, but still the same size). At some point in the script it does change both the window and resolution to center on the tag and read frames faster.