Question about getting started


I am looking to order an OpenMV camera for our lab and wanted to know if it was a good fit for what we need.

We basically have a python code running on a Raspberry PI that detects two objects in a petri dish (background subtraction method). The script simply calculates the distance between the two objects in real time and then uses that to trigger an LED if they get close enough. Can this code easily be uploaded to the OpenMV camera? Can it use background subtraction to find out two objects and then calculate the distance in real time?

We are currently going at about 20 Hz and we were hoping this might allow us to go faster. Is this reasonable?

Thank you all so much in advance,

Yes, this is pretty easy to do on the OpenMV Cam. You can get 20 Hz without any problem. There’s even an example frame differencing script. However, our resolution is a lot less than the Pi. 320x240 is about the sweet spot for this for us… but, I’m assuming you want a lot more resolution correct?