Moving object detection and tracking


I am really new to OpenMV Cam. I liked the idea. Before i did some image processing with Labview. I now want to start a project with OpenMv cam.

So the basic idea is to detect mobbing objects at far distances. I want to make background substracrion so the background will be black and the moving object will alpar white with grayscale. For better distance i think using a 50mm lens m12 type. I do not have mandy expirience with putin. So therefor I would like to ask for advise here. I want to track objects and get the distance from the centre of the cam printed to serialport.

Which code could I use?

What is the minimum pixel number to detect a moving object?

P.s: I want to use the global shutter camera

Thanks for help :smiley:

Just test out the frame differencing example scripts and then add find blobs to the scripts to look for color differences.

Ok, thank you for your advice