PureThermal OV5640 and Lepton 3.5R FOV mismatch

Hi all, I’m running the PureThermal board with a Lepton 3.5R sensor and everything works, generally, but the images do not overlay very well. I assume this is an issue with the different lens profiles of the two cameras.

Presumably once both images are in memory one could be distorted to roughly correspond to the other, particularly since this will be a static installation looking at a pretty small area of the world about a meter away from the respective lenses, but I’m not a physicist or a serious programmer so I’m not sure where to start.

Has anyone else run into this issue before and found a workable solution? Thanks!

Hi, you should use this method:

Use the corners feature: image — machine vision — MicroPython 1.22 documentation (openmv.io)

By using the corners, you can warp the thermal image in a way to make them overlap.

As for a better fix for this… we’ll be releasing a more general purpose remap code base this year as part of contract work. However, until then, this is what we have for image remap.

Thank you, that gets me close enough for this application!