Overlay OV5640 and FLIR with VL53L0X

Hi all,

since today I am proud owner of a OpenMV Pure Thermal. Still waiting for the delivery of the Flir Lepton 3.5.

Today I played around with the OV5640, the LCD and the VL53L0X Laser Range Finder. It’s amazing how easy everything can be programmed and all is working very well.

Is there an example program available for the overlay of the OV5640 with the Flir image using the VL53L0X Laser Range Finder to avoid the parallax effect (right offset and scaling) in near distance?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

I would also like to see these features by example. My thermal image is offset by what looks like the actual sensor and camera spacing on the pcb.

Me as well.
and someone should tie 2 h7s together 1 flir ,1 camera , 1 lcd screen.

Howdy, I don’t have an example to avoid the parallax effect.

There’s a few things blocking in the firmware that we need to add for the system to be at 100%.

  1. We need fast generic image remapping.
  2. We need fast generic lens correction.

I’ll be pushing over the holidays to make these new features happen. I am working on OpenMV full-time now and have known we’ve need this forever. Once they are available you’ll be able to generically transform the image by a 3x3 array like with OpenCV’s warp perspective.

Once we have these features the offset correction and lens correction can then be done. The reason for needing these is that it’s not a simple translation and scale that has to be done on the thermal image to overlay it perfectly on the visual image. We have support for that now… but. that’s not enough.

Thank you for buying the OpenMV Pure Thermal though. The concept idea of the system has really pushed us to make our firmware and system much more capable.


Really looking forward to this (fast and) generic warping. It would be a game changer!

ARM is paying me to do this in the year.

I have a lot on my plate though before I get to it.