Porting OpenMV firmware to Raspberry PI5 as it has powerful hardware :)

Hello :slight_smile:

How can i use / port OpenMV firmware on Raspberry PI5 as it has powerful hardware ( cpu and gpu and RAM ).
i think we can achieve high end performance on RPI5 over 300fps VGA or 120fps HD maybe?
please let me know!

Just use OpenCV on that platform.

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thank you very much for your reply,
i was learning OpenCV-python, i need to use it only for tracking an object , do you prefer a good YT video to learn about that ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t help on that.

Also, for note… you’re not going to get 300 FPS or 120 FPS HD with the Pi. While it has a lot of processor speed… that performance falls off on higher resolutions at large frame rates. Additionally, the camera sensor itself won’t provide frames that fast necessarily.

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no problem :slight_smile:
i found the AI vizycam that use RPI4 with high speed image sensor, they says it support up to 300FPS VGA processing imaging , you are right maybe tracking objects will require more cpu power, so maybe it will not achieve 300FPS, if so i will check jetson orin nano or intel 13th/AMD board , thanks :slight_smile: