PCB file for H7 plus

Hello, let me first thank you for what so far looks like amazing products! We are currently evaluating both H7 plus and the RT1062 and are really impressed so far.

We’re trying to make either of them output I2S signal and I would like to inspect the routing of the SPI2 signals on the H7 plus to see if they’re suitable for I2S instead. I expected to find the PCB board files at openmv-boards/openmv4/plus at master · openmv/openmv-boards · GitHub but only the pdf is present for 32-bit while 16-bit have .brd/.sch/.pdf listed. Is there a 32-bit version of the .brd file for H7 plus available somewhere?

Thanks again,

Hi, the H7 Plus was generated in allegro (I cannot even view it - the design was built by SingTown). We are actively changing the board files over into Altium. We should have it all converted before the end of the month and have them online on our store like the RT1062 for you to view soon.

We will not be sharing the raw altium files. They will be available for 365 web viewing which gives you all the debug features you need, but, does not allow you to clone the design.