OpenMV Cam H7 Plus board design file

The schematic (.sch) and board (.brd) file of the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus on the website is not downloadable. Can you please share the downloadable file version of the H7 Plus Cam board?

Right click & save as.

It was not built in Eagle. As such, the actual design file isn’t going to help.

I am trying to get the 3D model of the H7 Plus, since there is none available now, I therefore need the design file so I can generate the 3D model myself. With Altium designer, this is possible. I will therefore appreciate if you can make the design file available.

You probably want to check for parts first.

@Joe100A What do you mean? I don’t get it.

I meant if you are making you own boards to check for availability of parts.

Okay I understand. When I have the H7 Plus design file, that should not be a problem.

@kwagyeman @iabdalkader I will appreciate your response to my request.

The design files for the 16-bit SDRAM version are available in Eagle on the web-site, like I said you just need to right click & save as. If you want to make a case or something it should be enough. The 32-bit version that we currently sell was designed in Altium I think and it was not released as far as I know.

Although the physical dimensions of the 16-bit SDRAM version and the 32-bit version are similar, the component layout are not the same. Since I am using the 32-bit version, I discovered the 3D model of the 16-bit SDRAM version I generated will lead some design errors for my application. The 3D model need to be very precise, exactly the same as the hardware to avoid any form of mismatch.
I will therefore appreciate that you release the design file of the 32-bit version. @iabdalkader @kwagyeman

There’s an unrouted eagle file I can provide. The traces aren’t routed but you could use that.

To be clear. We literally just sent eagle files to another company to route the board and make gerbers and went to production with that. There’s no final eagle board file.

From my experience, during routing, the placement/orientation of some components can be altered. This may mean that the components may not all maintain their placement after the routing by the company. As i mentioned earlier, precision of the 3D model is crucial for my application to avoid design errors.
Could you ask the company that did the routing to send you the files? I will appreciate to receive the file from them since it is will be exactly the same has the hardware.

Please email us for this file.


Okay, thanks.