OpenMV4 Cam H7 Plus, autofocus

I bought “OpenMV4 Cam H7 Plus”, thinking it had an automatic focus feature, but I cannot use the auto focus feature. I tried the codes you gave at “”, but I get the error message “AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘IOCTL_TRIGGER_AUTO_FOCUS’”.

The camera doesn’t have autofocus. It has an M12 lens. If you want autofocus buy this: OV5640 FPC Camera Module | OpenMV

Note, we don’t enable autofocus by default in the firmware for the H7 Plus. I can do this though.

First of all, thank you for your quick reply. Is it possible to autofocus without “OV5640 FPC Camera Module”? If possible how?

No, there’s no mechanism to do that without the FPC module.


Can I get a clear image from 0.5 centimeters with “OV5640 FPC Camera Module”?

Probably not, that’s extremely close. You need a microscopic lens for something like that which we don’t sell.

I am getting a clear image from a distance of 3 centimeters without the ‘OV5640 FPC Camera Module.’ With the ‘OV5640 FPC Camera Module,’ what would be the distance for this?

I don’t know. The lens should be able to focus on something that close up. But, you have to buy it and test yourself. It’s effectively a smartphone sensor so it’s optimized for seeing things at father distances away.