Autofocus camera on OpenMV H7 Plus

I just purchased 2 of the autofocus camera modules and planned to use them on my H7 Plus. When I tried to use them today, I got an error that the trigger auto focus method does not exist in the sensor ioctl function. Is there a way to use the autofocus module on the plus or is it just for the regular h7? I tried to use both the latest firmware and the dev build firmware.

So far, I have searched the github repo and found that the PureThermal has OMV_ENABLE_OV5640_AF set to 1(True) but the H7 Plus has it set to 0. Could I just change this to 1 in the omv_boardconfig.h for it to work? Then this would require me to build the firmware from source, correct?

I believe that I fixed it using the sets detailed above. I posted the firmware on my github if yall wanted to verify or something.
GitHub - bwolfram1/openmvh7plus-af: This is the autofocus firmware for the h7 plus by OpenMV..

Hi, the spelling of the API might be wrong. That method is definitely enabled in the default firmware.

I’ll post the right API name call in a bit.

Are you sure? Because I printed help(sensor) and it only came back with the lepton ioctl methods but no autofocus method. The autofocus methods only showed up once I enabled the AF in the config file and rebuilt the firmware. Would it be fine if yall just enabled af by default because I can make a pull request.

Ah, yeah, looks like it’s off.

Sorry, yeah, you’ll need to build a new firmware. I only enabled that for the OpenMV Pure Thermal.

Make this 1 in the omv_boardconfig.h file under OPENMV4P:

#define OMV_ENABLE_OV5640_AF (0)

Also, can you make a github bug on this so that I enable it in the firmware?