OpenMV wont start the program

Hello there,

I am working on an RCJ Soccer Open robot and I bought an OpenMV M7 for detecting the orange ball.

I have made a simple code to write over UART to Teensy 3.2’s Serial3 port

When I upload the program to OpenMV it works just fine and I get the wanted values on teensy’s port, however when I turn off the cam and teensy and turn them on again OpenMV’s program wouldn’t start I
am powering OpenMV trough 5v switching regulator.The OpenMV’s code starts working when I plug in the micro-usb to OpenMV and start te code by the button on the screen.

What can cause this?

Thanks, Andrija.

Hi, that doesn’t save the script to the OpenMV Cam.

Go to Tools → Save Script to OpenMV Cam. Then click Tools → Reset OpenMV Cam. This will make sure your script is now permanent on the OpenMV Cam.

Thank you so much. :smiley:

Best Regards, Andrija.