OpenMV vs Portenta vs Arduino BLE vs Raspberry

I want to monitor and detect liquid color and liquid level (with high precision) in a small glass using computer vision and Artificial intelligence. The height of glass is 3 in. I prefer the image sensor to be as close as possible to the glass (preferably less than 3 in). Just one or two frames per second is enough for this application. So, I guess a camera with high FOV but not necessarily high resolution is suitable. The camera should be able to properly function in very low ambient light. However, LED can be used to increase the light. All data should be displayed on a 7” TFT display and sent to a server via Wi-Fi. The processor should determine the reasons of the discoloration based on experienced data in database (which can be either onboard or on server to save memory and cost).
Based on this application, which one of the breakout boards (OpenMV vs Portenta vs Arduino BLE vs Raspberry) and camera modules do you suggest?
The long-term reliability to function without failing is very important. Also, flexibility in design (in case to add features in future) is important.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Hi, you should use a Raspberry Pi for this. The requirement for a screen is not something we offer.