Openmv to ros integration

Hi, just asking if it is possible to integrate openmv into ros. If it is possible, how it should be done. Thanks

Hi, it’s probably possible. However, by what method do you want to Integrate the camera with ROS? Is it connected to another MCU via some bus connection? Like serial?

Hi, do you mean run ROS on OpenMV ? First you should know that OpenMV’s software is basically a C image processing library and MicroPython. The image processing library is standalone (no dependencies on MicroPython) so you can just call from your code like any other library. However, if you want keep MicroPython as well running in an ROS task, it’s uncharted territory (as far as I know) and there is a lot of work to be done. A good starting point could be the cc3200/FreeRTOS port. (Note future questions about this really belong to MicroPython’s forums).