Adding cv2 library in openmv

I want to add cv2 library to openmv but give me an error I think the opencv library is not installed on openmv.

Yes, we don’t run OpenCV.

ok, but is there a way to add cv2 lib extension’s to mv?
I would like to use things that people have created for cv2 in mv.
is it also possible to use openmv in cv2 python?
also can you add a openmv extension to vscode? it would help a bunch. thx

Hi, all of these are a no…

OpenCV is a desktop library. It doesn’t run on microcontrollers. Nor is it memory optimized.

As for VS Code. We will be improving the python parser in the IDE to match the quality of VS code. We explicitly wanted to avoid being an extension to a larger IDE as it leads to a junky user experience.