OpenMV + LoPy = overkill. Any plans on LoRa module?

Hi, ream,

Im planning to use OpenMV with LoPy to send data wirelessly. Two pyboards seem to be overkill. I thought, may be you have some plans to include LoRaWAN connectivity?

No plans right now, trying to get this thing ready to go with the current feature set is already overloading us. I think we’ll just focus on computer vision.

Ok, thanks, Nyamekye.

Hi Sir,

we have the same plans in using the OpenMV cam to connect it with lorawan. How far have you evolved in this respect? Did you manage to interface your LoPy to the OpenMV and send data to for instance the ThingsNetwork public lorawan platform?

Great thanks for answering on this one because it will open some great opportunities for us.