OpenMv IDE freezing/crashing/disconnecting because of camera visualizer


When running any code, the IDE seems to crash because of the camera visualizer. I’ve tested different code and the problem only happen when the video of the ide is enabled.
I really have no clue why this does this. I couldn’t find a similar post anywhere.

Maybe the IDE is demanding too much data while having to run the script and this cause a too high demand of computing for the ide?
And sometimes, even after the IDE disconnect, the code still run on the portenta h7 lite…

Uh… definitely your PC might be having some issues.

The IDE works fine without crashing on a VM running inside another VM. It wounds like you are having serious PC throttling issues.

Regarding code running on the board after a disconnect. Yes, if the IDE doesn’t tell the camera to stop it keeps running happily. This is so you can disconnect from like a robot and have it continue to run after running a script.