OpenMV H7 R2 parameters for mavlink apriltags landing example

Hi, I have an OpenMV H7 R2 camera, and i want to use it in an ardupilot pixhawk controller.
In the example I would like your help in what parapmeters should I change that correspond to the H7 R2 camera.
Specifically the parameters below (and any other needed to be changed):

lens_mm = 2.8 # Standard Lens.
lens_to_camera_mm = 22 # Standard Lens.
sensor_w_mm = 4.592 # For OV5650 sensor
sensor_h_mm = 3.423 # For OV5650 sensor

Hi, the lens should be 2.8mm. The lens to camera length should be the same. As for the sensor mm: 2.46 mm (H) × 1.85 mm (V)