Apriltag tracking

Hello everybody,

How i have to change the code of apriltag_tracking_1 to get the removal from abritag too. So the Z component.

This example shows off how to use readout window control to readout a small part of a camera

sensor pixel array at a very high speed and move that readout window around.

This example is was designed and tested on the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus using the OV5640 sensor.

Could someone please help me.
Thank you for the support.

Open MV H7 Plus is a brilliant device!

So i would like to have the mapped z because zooming in changes the value of z =)

There’s an example that literally outputs these values. To note, you have to convert the distance from the output of the method to an actual distance using some scaling factor.

Thank you. And how i get the scaling factor for the z?

Manually measuring and determining it by hand.