OpenMV Cam H7 Plus: Supported sensors


In the Cam H7 Plus description, it is mentioned “A removable camera module system allowing the OpenMV Cam H7 to interface with different sensors”
I would like to use OpenMV Cam H7 Plus to simultaneously test my application with different Cam H7 Plus having different sensors ( at least 5 sensors with different color absorption scheme ).
Please, I would like to check a few things:
1- how many sensors are supported by OpenMV Cam H7 Plus
2- If I want to use non-supported sensor, what I need to do (write my own driver?)
3- can OpenMV Cam H7 Plus outputs raw or uncompressed format (Uncompressed UYVY format)?
4- can I change the sensor setting (brightness, exposure, saturation…)
5- can I interface the Cam H7 Plus with a third-party CV library such as OpenCV?

Many thanks for the support!

  1. The ones we sell on our store.
  2. Yes, You can make your own board and write your own driver code. There are numerous examples in our firmware.
  3. Yes, RAW BAYER. We don’t do YUV. Either RGB565 or 8-BIT GRAYSCALE if you want more processed than RAW BAYER.
  4. Yes, you also have camera register level access.
  5. Sure, there are ROS libraries for the camera to dump images to the PC. However, doing this makes no sense. The whole point of the camera is to run vision algorithms onboard.

Thanks Nyamekye