OPEN MV H7 camera documentation

Hi all,
I intend to write a device driver for H7 camera to communicate with Microchip dspic33f micro controller, using SPI bus. I could not find anything in the web. Is there any documentation around, describing the handshake protocol with the camera and how to retrieve the object data (the location of the object, its dimensions, color code etc)?
Many thanks.

See the RPC library docs:

The place you suggest would work fine if you have an Andunio board, and you are developing apps.
The device driver is more like register-based programming. So, I need to know about the camera registers, and how to access them, and how to retrieve data from them.
Communication with the camera is rather with “bits” on SPI or I2C bus.
Are you telling me to reverse engineer the library functions written for some other system, like Andunio???

The OpenMV Cam is fully programmable. You can make it do whatever you want.

It doesn’t have registers. It’s another processor. If you want it to detect apriltags, sort the list of tags, find the closest one, and then return that you can make a remote function call that runs on the camera that you execute when you call the function via the RPC library… which standard for remote python call.

Yes, other systems act like registers interfaces and have very simple comms protocols. This makes them very limited. We choose not to do that. It’s also easier to use for your actual application.