Not recognizing MicroSD Card


I’m trying to run the H7 with a microsd card in order to take photos and save them. When I run the example it stalls on the sensor.snapshot().save(“example.jpg”) and disconnects from the ide.

I believe this is because the sd card is not being recognized by the camera, as when I look at the camera in the file manager it comes up as only having 100 kb of storage. I am using a 16gb SDHC microsd card that is formatted as FAT32, which is stated as compatible so I’m not sure why the camera isn’t using it.

Uh, yeah, the card is not detected. The issue you are getting is that you are trying to write an image that’s more than 100kb to the internal flash drive.

Mmm, some SD cards randomly don’t work. But, the type is supported. I would suggest to try a different card… or reformat the card.